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Konecranes Protected Areas Technology Safeguards People and Infrastructure

For more than 60 years, global crane manufacturer Konecranes has led the way in developing overhead crane systems that improve safety, productivity and reliability. Konecranes Protected Areas uses laser telemetry to define and enforce no-go zones to prevent collisions between the load on the hook and valuable production machinery or busy working areas.

Costs Shadow Vectren Test Of Smart Grid Technology

By Jessie Higgins EVANSVILLE, Ind. (AP) – Imagine a world where electric bills are never estimated. There are no meter readers, outages are pinpointed immediately, power is connected remotely, and households track their energy consumption at any time. It’s a reality somewhere. About half of the nation’s power customers are connected to an electrical grid [...]

Scenic Railroad To Use Fuel-Efficient Locomotive

By Richard Payerchin LORAIN, Ohio (AP) – Railroad history, advanced technology, energy conservation and fond memories of a regional business leader all run on the same tracks, which run through Lorain County. Next year, the Cuyahoga Valley Scenic Railroad will start using its first “green” locomotive that will cut down fuel use and emissions for [...]

Japan’s Nuclear Cleanup Stymied By Water Woes

By Mari Yamaguchi OKUMA, Japan (AP) – More than three years into the massive cleanup of Japan’s tsunami-damaged nuclear power plant, only a tiny fraction of the workers are focused on key tasks such as preparing for the dismantling of the broken reactors and removing radioactive fuel rods. Instead, nearly all the workers at the [...]

Eagle Ford Giving New Life To Ghost Town

By Jennifer Hiller HELENA, Texas (AP) – On a hot Saturday at high noon, Helena seemed like the frontier town it once was. Spurs jangled. A crowd gathered to watch a gunfight. Shots rang out. In the self-proclaimed “toughest town on earth,” where horse thieves, cattle rustlers, brawls and vendettas were part of the fabric [...]