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Solar Water Heater A Lesson In Energy Savings

By Rob Ziegler TRAFALGAR, Ind. (AP) – An Indian Creek High School science teacher couldn’t have asked for a more timely lesson to be placed down the hall from his classroom. Tracy Hunter teaches his 10th-grade environmental science students about energy conservation and alternative energy systems. A prime example of both was just installed at [...]

Can You Go Solar? Leases, Loans Make It Possible

By Jonathan Fahey NEW YORK (AP) – A new financing offering could make home solar cheaper and more attractive to homeowners, and keep the adoption of home solar growing. The offer, announced by SolarCity, is a loan that allows homeowners to install their own solar system on their roof for little or no money down, [...]

Century-Old Time Capsule Unsealed In New York

By Verena Dobnik NEW YORK (AP) – A century-old time capsule, filled mostly with documents by long-gone Wall Street businessmen celebrating New York as a commercial hub, was unsealed last month. Spectators at the New-York Historical Society gathered around the mysterious bronze box as workers wearing surgical gloves removed 26 screws keeping it sealed since [...]

87-Year-Old Theater Organ Removed For Restoration

By Ellie Bogue FORT WAYNE, Ind. (AP) – The Embassy Theatre’s Grand Page organ was moved out last month and sent to Carlton Smith Pipe Organ Restorations, Indianapolis, for maintenance and restoration. The organ, which has not been out of the building in 26 years, has a rich history. It was built in 1927 at [...]

What You Need to Know When Upgrading Power Transformers on Campus

On May 2, 2013, a transformer explosion caused a power outage and forced evacuations at the University of La Verne in California. The local police department closed off adjacent areas while the city fire department put out the blaze. Power transformers seldom go down, but when they do the effects on campus operations are immediate [...]