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Minnesota Bus Maker Grows With Compact Product

By Kevin Allenspach ST. CLOUD, Minn. (AP) – New Flyer Industries is getting bigger in St. Cloud by going smaller. The longtime heavy-duty bus manufacturer is in the process of rolling out a new model – the MiDi – a medium-sized, low-floor bus intended for medium-duty transit and shuttle services. Unlike the heavy-duty buses, which [...]

Florida Jail That Exploded Had Past Problems

By Melissa Nelson-Gabriel and Tamara Lush PENSACOLA, Fla. (AP) – The Florida jail crippled by an apparent gas explosion was the subject of a five-year investigation that uncovered a facility so “grossly” understaffed that posts went unmanned and cells were seldom searched. Violence was pervasive and inmates were segregated by race. Investigators are now trying [...]

Flood-Control System A Complex Marvel

By Tom Bassing GREENVILLE, Miss. (AP) – This time of year, those living on the Mighty Mississippi can’t help but fret the water’s annual, inevitable rise. Yet, it is a fear confronted year-round by those in charge of the elaborate flood-control system that has been erected along the river and its principal tributaries the past [...]

Bibione Yacht Harbor Relies On Solar Water Heating Systems And Cooling Based On An Adsorption Chiller “Made In Germany”

Berlin, Ger. – Solar water heating systems are becoming more and more popular, particularly in the sun-drenched regions of Southern Europe. Heating domestic hot water is a good opportunity to combine ecology and efficiency for example at tourist locations such as campgrounds. A tourism complex on the banks of the Adriatic Sea is now also [...]

Electronic Water Treatment Reduces Fouling In Reverse Osmosis

By Jan De Baat Doelman, President, Scalewatcher North America Inc. Reverse Osmosis (RO) is used in processes requiring high-quality, purified water, such in semi-conductor processing or biochemical applications and can be used to treat boiler feed water, industrial wastewater or process water. A water purification technique, it reduces the quantity of dissolved solids in solution. [...]