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Iowa, Businesses Work Together to Build Apprentice Program

By Jim Offner WATERLOO, Iowa (AP) — A four-year bachelor’s degree in psychology just wasn’t going to cut it for Ellie Mollenhoff. She wanted to be a plumber. “Honestly, I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do, career-wise, and I’ve always been hands-on,” said Mollenhoff, who completed her degree in psychology, with a minor in […]

UMaine Debuting Ocean Simulator to Test Sea-Bound Technology

By Patrick Whittle ORONO, Maine (AP) — Builders of everything from cruise ships and ports to oil rigs offshore wind turbines are tasked with the same question — will their work will be strong enough to stand up to the sea? A miniature indoor ocean at the University of Maine could make for a lot […]

Downtown Milwaukee Transforms in Bustle of Development

By Greg Moore MILWAUKEE (AP) — A few years from now, downtown Milwaukee won’t look much like it did a few years ago. The core of Wisconsin’s largest city is being transformed by hundreds of millions of dollars and more than a thousand workers combining to renovate dozens of old buildings, erect three new skyscrapers […]

Wisconsin Republicans Push to Lift Nuclear Plant Moratorium

By Todd Richmond MADISON, Wis. (AP) — A Republican legislator is renewing a push to lift Wisconsin’s moratorium on new nuclear power plants, saying the state’s manufacturers must have a reliable source of energy as burning fossil fuels grows more expensive. Under current Wisconsin law, state regulators can’t grant permission for a new nuclear power […]

Montgomery Counties Zinc Eagle Flies Again

By Cameron Austin CHRISTIANBURG, Va. (AP) — In the fall of 1909, Montgomery County administrators received a large crate that had been shipped from Lynchburg. Unaware of what was in it, staff members opened it to find a 400-pound, hand-hammered eagle statue made of zinc. There was no indication of who the artist was or […]