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Lithium: Mineral Found in Nevada Could Power Our Future

By Ian Whitaker LAS VEGAS (AP) — Shannon Jackson’s boots scrape over a hardened rut of earth atop a mountain of mud and salt. Jackson, a third-generation miner and husband of Nevada Mining Association Director Dana Bennett, spent more than 20 years around the rugged gold and silver mines of Northern Nevada, where huge drills […]

ICC and NOWRA to Co-Publish International Private Sewage Disposal Code

The International Code Council (ICC) and National Onsite Wastewater Recycling Association (NOWRA) announce an agreement to co-publish the International Private Sewage Disposal Code® (IPSDC). The IPSDC addresses the best practices and technologies to ensure the safety and welfare of communities, individuals, and businesses that utilize their own onsite wastewater solutions. Currently adopted within 17 states and by 102 jurisdictions, the […]

Corrosion Resistant Plastic Cooling Towers Cut Costs for Sintering Operations

When it comes to process cooling, few industries rely on the application of heat as much as the sintering process in powder metal manufacturing. With temperatures in the “high-heat” section of a sintering furnace reaching several thousand degrees Fahrenheit, the parts must be dramatically cooled before they can be handled safely by operators. Sintering is […]

Homeowner at San Francisco Sinking High-Rise Sue Developer

By Kristin J. Bender SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — A homeowners association representing property owners at a downtown San Francisco high-rise has sued the developers for failing to tell residents the condominium tower was sinking at an unexpected rate. The Millennium Tower homeowners association’s lawsuit is the latest suit filed in a high-profile dispute over the […]

Energy Company Seeks Possible Michigan Natural Gas Plant

SOUTH HAVEN, Mich. (AP) — An energy company is looking to make up for the potential loss of a nuclear power plant near South Haven and possibly replace the energy production with natural gas. Consumers Energy is seeking proposals to buy a natural, gas-fired plant. Entergy, which owns the Palisades plant, expects to close it in 2018. The state’s Public Service […]