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Redesign Of Art Museum Yields More Space

By Kathy Matheson PHILADELPHIA, Penn. (AP) – Traditionalists can rest easy knowing architect Frank Gehry’s vision for the Philadelphia Museum of Art does not include wrapping the neoclassical building in his trademark chunky silver swooshes. But he just might take a chunk out of the famed “Rocky” steps. Gehry was not the obvious choice to [...]

Influence Game: Shaping US Railroad Safety Rules

By Joan Lowy WASHINGTON (AP) – A string of fiery train derailments across the U.S. has triggered a high-stakes but behind-the-scenes campaign to shape how the government responds to calls for tighter safety rules. Billions of dollars are riding on how these rules are written, and lobbyists from the railroads, tank car manufacturers and the [...]

Small Brick Room Discovery Fuels Speculation

By Katie Williamson BROOKHAVEN, Miss. (AP) – When construction crews broke ground on a new Miller & White accounting office that is being built in the downtown, they unearthed a mystery from one of Brookhaven’s past lives: a small brick room with steps and a small space that leads to a door in the sidewalk. [...]

Grand Canyon Crash A Game-Changer In Air Travel

By Felicia Fonseca FLAGSTAFF, Ariz. (AP) – In the mid-1950s, air travel was a shadow of the highly advanced operation of checks and rules seen today. The skies were largely uncontrolled, and pilots outside major U.S. cities relied on sight to avoid catastrophes. Then, two commercial airplanes crashed over the Grand Canyon in June 1956, [...]

Model Aircraft Buffs In Texas Warily Eye FAA Rules

By Max B. Baker FORT WORTH, Texas (AP) – Darrell Abby carefully wipes down the fuselage of his Curtiss P-40 Warhawk for its first flight of the day. He checks the flaps, wiggles the rudder, pumps in gas and monitors the air pressure for the landing gear. Then he pulls on a gray heavy work [...]