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Group: Illinois Historic Sites at Risk Due to Unsure Economy

SPRINGFIELD, Ill. (AP) — Eleven schools, churches, mansions, courthouses and other historic Illinois sites highlighted on an annual preservation report are particularly vulnerable because an unsure economic climate in the state and the impasse over the state budget makes funding uncertain, the group says. Local governments and institutions own many of the sites, Bonnie McDonald, […]

Beneath the Ground, Cubs’ New Clubhouse Sparkles

By Andrew Seligman CHICAGO (AP) — Wrigley Field is looking spiffier these days, particularly beneath the ground. Players returned to sweet new digs after the Chicago Cubs moved earth if not heaven to build a 30,000-square foot clubhouse below ground that roughly triples the size of their old cramped quarters. The new facility — now […]

Traffic Backed Up? Bridge Out? More States Deploying Drones

By Steve LeBlanc BOSTON (AP) — That buzzing sound overhead may soon signal the arrival of the 21st-century version of a guy in a hardhat and bucket truck. State transportation departments are increasingly studying the use of drones for everything from inspecting bridges to clearing car accidents. Michigan transportation officials are set to begin a […]

U.S. Water Systems Repeatedly Exceed Federal Standard for Lead

By Ryan J. Foley and Meghan Hoyer GALESBURG, Ill. (AP) — This railroad town promotes its ties to Abraham Lincoln, Ronald Reagan and the poet Carl Sandburg. But Galesburg’s long history also shows in a hidden way: Aging pipes have been leaking lead into the drinking water for decades. Blood tests show cause for concern. […]

Utility Offers Solar Panels for Lease to Customers

By Daniel Morgan GREENFIELD, Ind. (AP) — Residents searching for simple ways to join the clean energy movement might soon have a solution. NineStar Connect, a Greenfield, Ind.-based nonprofit utility provider, is preparing to unroll a new program allowing customers to begin leasing solar panels. The solar farm — comprising 230 panels packed into narrow […]