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Berko Infrared Heaters Melt Away Winter Safety Concerns for Chicago Parking Garage Ramps

During construction of the 190-unit, 15-story JeffJack Apartments building in downtown Chicago, the owner sought an effective method to prevent snow and ice build-up on the building’s parking garage ramps during winter. Infrared heaters from Marley Engineered Products paved the way. Situated on the corner of Jefferson and Jackson streets, the JeffJack building features an […]

Averting Snow Damage to Your Facility’s Roof

As we enter the toughest part of winter, it’s important that facility managers and property owners keep in mind the impact of that white stuff that comes from the sky and collects on the roof. Snow not only can be an issue for HVAC equipment located on the roof, but inordinately large accumulations of heavy […]

Gadget Mountain Rising in Asia Threatens Health, Environment

By Stephen Wright LANSING, Mich. (AP) — Michigan’s top environmental regulator resigned Dec. 29, 2015, after elevated levels of lead were found in Flint children during a drinking water crisis that a task force blamed primarily on his agency. Gov. Rick Snyder accepted the resignation of Department of Environmental Quality Director Dan Wyant and apologized […]

Upgrades to Interstate 35 in Waco Could Affect Footbridge

By J.B. Smith WACO, Texas (AP) — Crossing the narrow footbridge over Interstate 35 at South Eighth Street can be a startling experience, like walking on a log over a roaring cataract of cars and trucks. But for Hannah Foster, it’s just the daily commute to class. The Waco Tribune-Herald reports the college sophomore uses […]

Israel Harnessing Sunshine With World’s Tallest Solar Tower

By Isaac Scharf and Alon Bernstein ASHALIM, Israel (AP) — In sunny Israel, solar energy supplies only a small percentage of the nation’s power needs, leaving it far behind countries with cloudier and colder climates. Now the fledgling solar industry is trying to make a leap forward with a large-scale project boasting the world’s tallest […]