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Measure Up To The Task: Hilti Laser Range Meters PD-I and PD-E

The new Hilti Laser range meters PD-I and PD-E offer the latest in measuring technology, enabling reliable measuring performance. Whether measuring long distances, calculating areas and volumes, or in difficult to reach situations, the PD-I and PD-E take measurements quickly and accurately. Hilti Pulse Power Technology allows for reliable measurements even under challenging conditions. Simple [...]

Tesla Selects Nevada For Battery Plant

By Justin Pritchard and Scott Sonner RENO, Nev. (AP) – Tesla Motors has chosen Nevada as the site for a massive, $5 billion factory that will pump out car batteries for a new generation of less-expensive electric vehicles, a person familiar with the company’s plans said. The person, who spoke on condition of anonymity because [...]

Couple Revamps Old Roadside Motel Into Apartments

By Jim Mayfield PHILADELPHIA, Ind. (AP) – In 1958, a quarter would buy a gallon of gas; America launched Explorer 1, officially joining the space race; and Pontiac Chieftan station wagons were barreling like buffalo past the Kaiden Motel along U.S. 40 just west of Greenfield. The Kaiden, complete with 13 roadside units, a gas [...]

HotRodTM Sheaths From Morgan Molten Metal Systems Offer Superior Protection For Furnace Heating Control Systems

Morgan’s Molten Metal Systems business announces its HotRodTM pyrometry sheaths and other pyrometer assembly products, which protect thermocouples in furnace heating control systems. Industry proven for over 30 years, the pyrometer assemblies are made of a durable, erosion-resistant clay-graphite mix with special plasticity properties, which is then extruded into the proper shape. The pryometer assemblies [...]

Laars Mascot® LX Combination Boiler and Tankless Water Heater

Laars introduces the new Mascot LX condensing combi boiler and tankless water heater. Mascot LX features a Laars heat exchanger, designed and manufactured by Laars in the USA. The natural gas or LP-fired unit offers 95% efficiency, full modulation and a plentiful supply of domestic hot water on combi units. Mascot LX comes in 10 [...]