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Model Railroad Group Shares Passion For Trains

By Whitney Riggs SEYMOUR, Ind. (AP) – Two brothers from Seymour shouted and pointed when they caught a glimpse of multiple model trains revolving around tracks at Trinity United Methodist Church on Saturday afternoon. “Look at that train!” 5-year-old Rylan Adair said to his 3-year-old brother, Corbin. The boys, just tall enough to peer over [...]

Engineers Embark on a Mission to Bring Humanity to the Field of Engineering

David E. Goldberg, President of Big Beacon and emeritus professor of engineering at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, and Mark Somerville, professor of engineering and associate dean at Franklin W. Olin College of Engineering, – are two men on a daring mission. Their goal is to transform the entire world of engineering. Their objective [...]

Silicon Carbide Degassing Rotors Offer Long Life And Enhanced Performance

Morgan Advanced Materials has announced the launch of its new generation of degassing rotors for secondary aluminium processing applications. Building on its extensive experience of materials science and metal casting products, Morgan has produced the first one-piece degassing rotor in silicon carbide, delivering a cost-effective and high-performance alternative to the graphite material traditionally used for [...]

Neutron’s NI-712 Orange Lite Odor Eliminator Keeps Your Business Smelling Clean And Fresh Around The Clock!

Just hang the 24/7 Automatic Dispensers on the wall and get ready to enjoy that amazing orange scent all day long! Our customers tell us that NI-712 Orange Lite IS ABSOLUTELY the VERY BEST when dealing with nasty airborne odors. It doesn’t just mask or cover up odors; it actually eliminates them. The 24/7 Automatic [...]

Modine App Calculates Payback for Effinity93 Unit Heaters

Modine’s new Effinity93 App is a free, cost-savings calculator for both iOS and Android phone platforms and tablets. The mobile app is an interactive tool that calculates the payback and energy savings associated with installing the Effinity93 condensing unit heater. The app (available in GooglePlay and iTunes) is ideal for contractors and engineers responsible for [...]