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Inaugural Pumpkin Chunk A Smashing Success

By Jerrod Clapp NEW ALBANY, Ind. (AP) – Each stood about 15 feet tall or so, carefully engineered and built specifically for a singular purpose: launching pumpkins about 100 yards. The inaugural Harvest Homecoming Pumpkin Chunk brought six teams with trebuchets – a type of catapult which use weight as opposed to built tension to [...]

World’s 1st Bullet Train, Made In Japan, Turns 50

By Emily Wang and Ken Moritsugu TOKYO (AP) – It was, retired Japanese railway engineer Fumihiro Araki recalls, “like flying in the sky.” Zipping cross-country in a super-high-speed train has become commonplace in many countries these days, but it was unheard of when Japan launched its bullet train between Tokyo and Osaka 50 years ago [...]

Solar Water Heater A Lesson In Energy Savings

By Rob Ziegler TRAFALGAR, Ind. (AP) – An Indian Creek High School science teacher couldn’t have asked for a more timely lesson to be placed down the hall from his classroom. Tracy Hunter teaches his 10th-grade environmental science students about energy conservation and alternative energy systems. A prime example of both was just installed at [...]

Can You Go Solar? Leases, Loans Make It Possible

By Jonathan Fahey NEW YORK (AP) – A new financing offering could make home solar cheaper and more attractive to homeowners, and keep the adoption of home solar growing. The offer, announced by SolarCity, is a loan that allows homeowners to install their own solar system on their roof for little or no money down, [...]

Century-Old Time Capsule Unsealed In New York

By Verena Dobnik NEW YORK (AP) – A century-old time capsule, filled mostly with documents by long-gone Wall Street businessmen celebrating New York as a commercial hub, was unsealed last month. Spectators at the New-York Historical Society gathered around the mysterious bronze box as workers wearing surgical gloves removed 26 screws keeping it sealed since [...]