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Elkhart Fallout Shelters a Testament to Nuclear Fears

By J.C. Lee ELKHART, Ind. (AP) — The war was over, but the fears still remained. In the decade after the end of World War II, the relationship between former allies United States and the Soviet Union grew tense. Both countries were locked in an arms race, each trying to top the other by building [...]

Upcoming: Engineered Coating Solutions 2015

Corrosion affects virtually every industry, facility and building. This unique conference explores the fundamentals of corrosion and how to deal with it from an informational and technical perspective. Corrosion, painting, coating, and associated maintenance and repair practices for commercial facilities are ongoing and costly. And they are also far more complex than most engineers realize. [...]

HDPE Cooling Towers Get Noise Out of Symphony Hall

By Carlo Chatman Imagine attending a symphonic concert, and right in the middle of a violin solo you hear a rushing sound penetrating the ceiling above the orchestra and overwhelming the concert hall’s painstaking acoustic design. Or, perhaps you are performing surgery in a medical center suite — or giving a business presentation in the [...]

Aging Gracefully: How Midcentury Modern Classics Adapted

By Allen G. Breed NEW CANAAN, Conn. (AP) — In the years after World War II, when suburban towns were still “the country,” this unassuming village an hour north of Manhattan became an epicenter of modernist architecture, and a birthplace of then-radical concepts like family rooms, floor-to-ceiling windows and open-plan living. Since then, the surviving [...]

Charleston Church Uses Technology to Serve Congregation

By Bill Lynch CHARLESTON, W.Va. (AP) — Pastor Matt Santen doesn’t know if River Ridge is the most technologically advanced church in the valley, but he acknowledged they do have a lot of gadgets and gear. Some of it he understands better than others. “Our band, they use loops?” Santen, 46, said, and shrugged. He [...]