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2015 May Meeting

Please join the CEAC for a barbecue at Local 399 Union Hall to kick-off summer with bands, bean bag games, and lots of fun!  

Creating a Cool Space with Fujitsu General America

Not long ago, the producers of the popular home remodeling show Operation Build, which airs on History, had a problem.  The project on which they were working — an overcrowded garage remodel for a home in South Florida — had no cooling or heating. After researching their options, they chose a 15,000 BTU/h wall-mounted Fujitsu [...]

1st Robot Into Fukushima Reactor Stalls, But Gets Some Data

By Mari Yamaguchi TOKYO (AP) — The operator of the wrecked Fukushima nuclear plant said April 13 that the first robot sent inside one of the melted reactors stalled before finishing its work but collected data that indicates a path exists to send robots deeper into the reactor.   That’s good news for experts designing [...]

Tunnel Vision: Engineering Marvel Faces High-Speed Traffic

By Nick Malawskey HARRISBURG, Pa. (AP) — To begin with, the road was unlike anything most drivers had ever encountered in the United States: Four lanes of superhighway cutting from just west of Harrisburg to just east of Pittsburgh — straight, level and true. A road that for the first time in Pennsylvania history would [...]

McDowell Coal Company Store Being Resurrected as Museum

By Rick Steelhammer KIMBALL, W. Va. (AP) — A $1.5 million restoration project underway in Kimball could keep the Houston Coal Company Store — perhaps the best preserved of more than 100 company stores that once operated in the coal camps of McDowell County during the first half of the 20th century — intact and [...]